Favorite FAQ

Q1:  Will there be an online form for the sign-up on the 21st?

A2:  Yes.

Q2:  Can I use my <short action caliber> chambered on a long-action receiver?

A2:  Since there seems to be an awful lot of people with say, a .308 Win or .260 Rem built on a long action (ala M24), Jim decided to fudge a little and allow them to use these guns.  BUT… if you run a LA receiver chambered in a SA cartridge, you will be required to run ’em as a true SA round – i.e. loaded rounds no more than 2.810″ OAL.  Yes, there are SA receivers and magazines that allow longer OAL than that.  You’re more than welcome to go get one of those.  If you run a LA gun in a SA caliber – 2.810″ is the limit.