2nd planning meeting update

People have been clamoring for more information, so here you go!

  • Registration will *begin* on January 21, 2012 with a total of 60 competitors.
  • The event will be two days, with an entry fee of $250 per shooter.
    • Check or money order only, made out to ‘NCW Gun Club’.
    • If application is submitted separate from funds, the funds must be received within 2 weeks or you will be removed from the list.
  • Limited dry camping will be available on-site @ NCW Gun Club; please contact us if you wish to use these facilities.
  • We are working on getting special rates with local hotels and/or restaurants for event participants.  More to follow as we get things hammered out.

And now for the match stuff…

  • This event will be limited to bolt-action only, short-action only, non-magnum only.  No gas guns, no long actions, and no magnum cartridges.  Period.  Jim buys the steel, so his house = his rules.
  • You will be firing your own weapon from the helo – hence the ‘no gas gun’ restriction.  Bring your own sling, and make it a good one.  If you drop your rifle from the helo…
  • Any and all movement with weapons during stages will be done with the bolt open and back, but magazine still in the gun.  Again, this would not be feasible with a semi-auto, hence the bolt gun restriction.


2nd planning meeting update — 6 Comments

  1. Where is the nearest airport? Hoping a small contingent from Texas might make an appearance.

  2. With regard to the airport, flights into Wenatchee (Pangborn Field) have been cut back considerably in the last couple of years so book early. Tri Cities is probably the next closest airport. Wenatchee isn’t exactly an all-weather airport, so it wouldn’t hurt to have driving plans from Seattle in your hip pocket just in case…

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